Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More work in my room

I went back again this afternoon and actually felt like I got a lot done!  All but my library books are unpacked.. that is a major task that I am just not ready for.  I started out breaking down the boxes as I emptied them.  However, after slicing the top of my thumb open with the scissors while doing that, I got mad and decided to leave them in the middle of my room.  This led to a fun tower of boxes.  That is the only picture I took today.  My friend Kristin came by to help, and she was amazing because she did the job I was dreading.... cleaning the desks. They were disgusting.  In fact, she scrubbed them with a magic eraser, goo gone, and scrubbing bubbles lemon scent for about 2 hours and only cleaned 7 of them.  While she was doing that, I was organizing cabinets and got a lot of things put away.  Soon I will be able to do the fun stuff, like put up bulletin boards!  

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