Monday, July 16, 2012

Math Task Cards

Last year, a friend turned me onto task cards in math. They were great, and there were a lot out there to be found. (Especially on however, I had a hard time knowing if they were exactly what I wanted to correlate with the standards that I wanted to use them for. This year, our state is rolling out common core standards k-12. With that change, I decided to take some time this summer and make my own task cards. I am going to include the standard that they are created from in the set so that if other people want to use them, you will also know what the questions reflect. Due to common core asking students to do more application and deeper thinking, these will not be multiple choice questions but open-ended, matching activities, and sorts. I am going to figure out how to put them on teacherspayteachers when I get a few done.

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