Monday, July 23, 2012

My Teacher Story

I think I have always known I wanted to be a teacher! In high school, I was a teacher cadet and had the opportunity to student teach. I loved it! I met 2 awesome teachers, and worked with 2 really different 4th grade classes. I went to the University of North Carolina @ Asheville. Their education program is a little bit different than most places in the they require a 4 year degree and you can choose to go through the licensure program. I chose Psychology, and I really feel that this has helped tremendously in working in the classroom. When I finished, I ended up surprising everyone (including myself) by coming back home to teach! My first job was actually 4th grade at the same school I was a teacher cadet in. It was a great school with many challenges. I have been there for 5 years. It is a title 1 school, and has been a struggling school on standardized testing. I loved the kids and the families, but this past year was a really tough year and I decided that I needed a change. I am now starting at a new school that is 5 minutes from where I live, and less than a mile from both my sisters house and my parents house. It is very different from my former school in that it is smaller, and is not a title 1 school. I am so excited about this upcoming year! Another plus is that my niece and my nephew are both students there, and I am looking forward to being able to take a more active role in their education! I think that I did this right this time.... This is my first attempt to Link up with Janaye at Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes blog!


  1. So glad you linked up and shared your story, Sara, but your link is broken! Head back over to my blog and put your info in again. You should be able to edit your current link. I would hate for people to not be able to read your wonderful story! I have been teaching 4th grade at a struggling Title 1 school for 5 years so I TOTALLY get how you felt (and I may be a little jealous that you decided to move away from it.....) ;) I hope you have a great year at your school and thanks for sharing your story!!

    Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes

  2. Yay! My first comment! Thanks, I think I fixed it! The number 7 me does not work, but number 15 does!

  3. Hi Sara,

    I enjoyed reading your teacher story and I also love the lake too. I am also a new blogger and really glad I found your blog. I love finding bloggers that are as new as me! Check out my blog if you have chance!

    The Bender Bunch