Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The first set is ready!!

Wow, I can't beleive how addicted I have become to making things on my iPad!! I have completed the first set of task cards for fourth grade common core math. I am looking for some feedback before putting them out there to share with the world. I completed sets of task cards for all of fourth grade Operations and Algebraic Thinking A couple of things I am considering: 1. Making duplicates of them that are in black in white, without for people who can't print in color 2. Breaking the skills down further to building block skills, or focused remedial skills for students who need more support Thoughts? The first 3 people who respond and are willing to look over the cards for me will get the whole set for fourth grade Operations and Algebraic Thinking for free!


  1. I would really like to know more. What app are you using? Wish you had included a picture so I could see what you mean. I would love to check these out if you need someone. They sound like something I am interested in. suekimmet at live dot com

  2. Awesome! I will send a set this afternoon! I think I put some pictures on the post before this one. I would love the feedback!