Thursday, July 26, 2012

Adventures in Cricuting: Part 1

Ok, so the greastest thing to the classroom since the apple timer has got to be the cricut machine. It is so much fun to Cricut and so incredibly useful.If you don't have one, it is worth the cost. You can even go into it with a friend and then you not only have a Cricut for less money, but someone to Cricut with! :)So, since we got the Cricut (well, since Jess got the Cricut) I have been a Cricuting fool. My roommmate just joked that we might need to have an intervention. In my defense, I was only cleaning up from the cricuting adventure this morning and getting ready to write this post. Here are some things that I have made so far:1. I didn't have an alphabet strip so I made my alphabet for my word wall. My classroom is mostly fish themed, so I have been using the Life is Beach cartridge. For my alphabet, I made 5 1/2 inch Beach balls and Sand Pails. The beach balls are all consonants, and the Sand Pails are the Vowels. 2. Objective boards for each subject. I saw something on Pinterest where you could put cute paper into a cheap frame and write the objective on the plastic with a whiteboard marker. I never did find the cheap frame, but I am thinking the laminating plastic will work just the same. I will put these up on my whiteboard. I made one for Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies. 3. Started the elements for Daily 5. I made the label for my daily 5 bulletin board in the shape of a super cute whale. Each choice will have a headline for the bulletin board and then small circle charms that match for students to make their choices for each round. I started Read to Self today. It has a turtle cut out, so its charms also have turtle cutouts. I am going to use the pocket charts from Targets dollar section for the students to make thier choices. What would you make for back to school? I have a pretty long list still, but I am always looking for new ideas!


  1. Those look AMAZING!!!! Love it!! I really need to buy more cartridges for my Cricut so I can use it for school stuff too! Do you know where to get cheap or discounted cartridges?

  2. Thanks!! I do not know! I know that at JoAnn fabric and craft they will let you use your 15% teacher discount on Cricut stuff including cartridges. (MIchael's won't) I was thinking of checking Ebay, but I am never sure if its a good deal or not. I really want the Disney Pixar cartridge.

  3. Cute! I am thinking of getting the Silhouette because I can cut stuff directly from my computer, but I love seeing ideas of how to use it in the classroom. Helps justify the purchase :) I'm your newest follower!

    Teaching and Tech

    1. Yay!! Welcome! I haven't used the Silhouette but have heard of people liking it. I like the Cricut Expression 2 a lot. It is really user friendly and the new touch screen that displays the images is awesome. Every excuse helps!! I think that just in the stuff I have made so far it has justified the purchased ;) Keep me posted if you get it!