Monday, July 30, 2012

A daunting task... Part 2

Ok, so if you saw the first post about the state of my new room you could see how much chaos and stuff was in there!! In the first pictures, the majority of the stuff everywhere was stuff that needed to be taken away. (including lots of big furniture)

Today I convinced a friend to help and was amazed at how much we got done!! The cabinets are all clean, the stuff that needed to go away is all gone, and I feel much better!! I have 4 student computers and one monitor.... Don't ask.. I still have to figure that one out... Anyway, it is way more than I had at my previous school. I found a nice little table for my teacher computer and will back my guided reading table up to it, so you can see how my corner is starting to shape up. The cabinets are all close too.

I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to have the students store their things. I think we may need their cubbies to be our library. There are hooks for backpacks but i don't live that idea either....

Anyway.. I'm ready to continue unpacking tomorrow after tutoring!

I almost forgot my Monday Made it!! I am making my headings for my daily 5 board on the cricut machine. I am using the Life is a Beach cartridge and the square card cut outs for the background. I made 2" charms of the same color patterns and pictures that I will use with the pocket charts I got from the target dollar section. Each student will have a row, and they will be divided into 6 columns. One for their number and then they will put their choice in the round column they want to do each thing! I will put the guided reading charm in the round they have guided reading!


  1. Your Daily 5 cards are adorable. I have wondered about the Cricut but am not a creative person :(
    Is it easy to use?

    One Class, One Sound

    1. Patti, It is fairly easy! The booklet that comes with the cartridge really helps because it shows each part. Also, it automatically has things set to be the right size proportionally so you dont have to fight with that. I have always been crafty though. My best friend is my cricuting partner in crime, and she is not nearly so crafty as me. She picked it up really fast.