Sunday, July 29, 2012

Back to School Checklist

Lorraine at Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies is hosting a Linky Party about back to school checklists. Here is my challenge... I have a love/hate relationship with lists. I make them and they never end. I find myself constantly thinking of things to add to the stupid list faster than I can check things off! Or.. What I think is worse is to make lists and the lose the list so that you start over again. I am going to give this a shot though. At least it will put some of those words flying around my head and put them in one place. Also... if I typed it on my blog then I should not be able to misplace the list? In theory at least. :) 1.Cricut - Finish making Daily 5 headlines and charms for students choices, CAFE letters, Schedule, and Enhancements 2. Calendar - Need to get pocket chart for calendar 3. Get rid of all the stuff in my new room that doesnt belong there so I can unpack 4. Clean room - Inside cabinets, doors, and drawers (I am a little OCD...) 5. Upack Boxes 6. Change library over from SRI to AR 7. Labels for student supplies - folders, notebooks, and binders 8. Bulletin Boards 9. PDSA Chart 10. Open "Mic" Friday signup and poster 11. Behavior Chart - Make new color chart and put numbers on clothespins 12. Writing Chart - Giant Pencil with numbers on clothespins 13. Set up Listening Center 14. "Wish Fish" for classroom wish list 15. Figure out what on earth a room parent does.. 16. Sub Binder 17. Back to school forms and things in the folders - stickers on items that need to be returned, and make checklist to make sure they have everything 18. Write something up for first homework assignment - Decorate their writing journal covers and write journal entry - choice of "all about me", "The coolest thing I did this summer was.." or "Most excited about/Most nervous about fourth grade" 19. task Cards for common core and figure out how to get them loaded onto Teachers pay Teachers 20. ACE strategy problem solving folders 21. Math structure plan 22. Math outline plan 23. AR management system 24. Get olympic teaching stuff together 25. Behavior/reading log calenday AHHHHH!!!!.... It never ends!


  1. I am the same way: Lists are both a blessing and a curse because I have undiagnosed ADD. I think faster than I can process!

  2. I used to make lists every year, which I usually found useless after a couple of weeks. I was a real over-planner, not just lists but plans. One of the great things about getting old (or more experienced) is that most of the lists are in my head, and after about 20 years (I'm a slow learner!) I finally figured out that making plans before I'm actually in the classroom is futile.

    If I were writing a list, item #1 would be get IEP accommodations/lists ready for classroom teachers ASAP. Item #2 would be check materials for each student since I will be using new things for reading and vocabulary this year. And that's enough to get us going...

    I'm wondering when your year begins? That would be interesting. My first day is Aug. 20.

  3. We made some great progress today in my room..not rid of all the stuff that Ned's to go somewhere else and cleaned! Now I can unpack!

    We go back as teachers Aug. 20 also.