Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lists, lists and more lists!!

So, I decided to revisit the back to school checklist linky I joined and see if I had accomplished things that I said I needed to.  Good news is.... I went rom 25 items on my checklist to... drum roll please.... 12!  Of course, I have done lots of things that were not on that list (thank you Pinterest and all the awesome ideas out there!  Here is my updated list, and the other things I really want to get done that I have thought of since I made the original list:

1.  Finish labeling library for AR.  I totally thought I was finished with all of the chapter books today. I even put them in order neatly on the shelf when I went home for lunch and realized that there was a small box of books still to be labeled on my passenger seat AND a WHOLE FREAKING BUCKET of them at home!!!! AAHHHH!! I think that it is going to be the death of me!  I hope school is open tomorrow so that I can finish them!

2.  Print Labels and label student supplies.  Printing is not the easiest thing at the moment since there are no printers that want to talk to my room... This will have to be fixed soon or I may cry.

3.  Make my sign and area for Open Mic Friday signups!

4.  Make a giant pencil sign with clothespins for students to show what stage of the writing process they are in.  These clothespins will probably not get painted cutely like the behavior clips did.  I will need another craft day to do that....

5.  Wish Fish!  I need to make my wish fish with all the items that I want/need for the room!

6.  Organize my word work/listen to reading options.

7.  Organize Sub Binder (the lack of printing skills is definitely hindering this also)

8.  Organize Teacher Binder (see above! But, I have stickers to decorate all ready to go!)

.9.  Back to school forms

10.  Get first homework journal decorating assignment ready to give at open house.

11.  Create ACE strategy folders

12.  Keep making task cards

New items to the list....
13.  Start outlining some plans
14.  explore all the things I have pinned and see what else has to happen next!! :)

What is on your list of things to do?


  1. Ahhhhhh, you just reminded me of all of the things I haven't done yet and didn't even remember to do!! There's not enough time in the day!! Thanks, I guess--lol!

    Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes

    1. Haha!! I keep thinking I am more ready than usual at this point and then I think of something else I need to do... I wonder if I am really that far ahead or if I am delusional!